To me, beauty can be found in every corner of the world, and in every encounter with a living being. The camera is my great love and my constant companion. Without it I feel empty, and it’s like I’m missing out on the mystery of life. I feel blessed for being given the opportunity to catch these moments, doing what I truly love.

Born, raised and currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden, my mother tongue is Swedish, but I’m also fluent in English, and speak some German, Spanish and Chinese. Apart from Stockholm, I have lived in Atlanta, New York and Barcelona. I have also spent time in Shanghai and Singapore studying Mandarin.

Being ‘Scandinasian’ (half Chinese and half Swedish), I was raised in a diverse environment, and an atypical home. I inherited genes from the circus, and the Swedish potato industry, and I have an older sister who traveled the world modeling for a living.

My interest for capturing moments developed long before i started working in front of the camera. I had my first photo assignment in 1998, shooting the Swedish pop group, Popsie, followed by years of photographing models, artists, couples, graduate students, weddings and ordinary people wanting their portrait taken. I also do styling, make-up, and location scouting.

I have been modeling for more than twenty years, working on campaigns with brands such as Jaguar Landrover, New Balance, Statoil, SCA, Niscayah, Kerstin Florian, Schwarzkopf, Stadium, Electrolux, Coop, Skandia, Sony Ericsson, BabyBjörn, Nike and Harvest.

I know how it feels to have your picture taken. A photo session is quite intimate, and therefore, it should be a synergetic experience shared by the photographer and the subject. The plenty years I’ve had in front of the camera has given me a strong understanding of how to make the model feel relaxed.

Apart from the magic of photography, some of my passions are hanging out with my loving family, deep forest mushroom picking, traveling to different and beautiful places, connecting with inspiring people, consuming outstanding food, hunting treasures at fleamarkets, and gardening.

But most of all, I love taking chances and challenging myself and those around me to learn and grow.